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At Lamppost we are committed to create amazing visual effects.
Join our visionary team to imagine, invent and surprise!
Lamppost brings together artists and technical talent to work in a collaborative atmosphere making exciting creative content.
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  • Nuke digital compositor
    Barcelona / Remote • {{setTimeRemaining('Monday, 22 March 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    We are looking for junior medium and senior digital compositors. For our VFX studio in Barcelona and remote.
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    Location in our Barcelona studio, remote option. Mid term. July to December 2021.

    Open to Spain and EU Citizens. Or have a valid EU Citizen Work visa.

    We are looking for junior medium and senior digital compositors. For our VFX studio in Barcelona and remote.

    The Compositor combines live action and computer generated elements into visual effects shots that realize the vision and creative direction of the client and Visual Effects Supervisor. The compositor is ultimately responsible for the aesthetic integrity and technical quality of the final image delivered to the client.

    Alongside Compositing Supervisor and VFX Supervisor, evaluates creative and technical approach for assigned shots
    Performs all tasks associated with the Compositing process, including 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements, and colour grading on moderately difficult to very difficult shots
    Maintains the overall look, colour balance, and quality for assigned shots and sequences to create uniformity in all finished work
    Ability to work collaboratively with artists from other disciplines

    Education / Experience
    At least 2 years relevant professional VFX experience and at least a college level diploma in computer graphics, fine arts, design, or photography, or related field; OR, at least 3 years relevant professional VFX experience
    Required Skills / Technical Competencies
    Strong knowledge of Nuke
    Strong aesthetic skills in judging photo-realism and color
    Ability to work gracefully under pressure to meet deadlines
    Strong sense of composition, color and design

    Preferred Skills
    Technical and artistic ability.
    Nuke's ability to write gizmos and / or add-ons is an advantage
    Python and / or C ++ experience a plus
    Knowledge in visual effects tools such as: Maya, Vray, Mocha Pro.
    Ability to work under pressure and with closed calendars.
    Problem solving and attention to detail.
    Ability to work individually and in teams.
  • Animator
    Barcelona, Spain • {{setTimeRemaining('Saturday, 15 May 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    We are seeking an Animator to join the team and be a part of this exciting opportunity.
    / {{times.month}}

    Location in our Barcelona studio, remote option. Mid term. July to November 2021.

    Open to EU Citizens. Or have a valid EU Citizen Work visa.

    Position Summary
    The Animator (TV) creates high quality motion of computer graphics creatures and objects within a shot, using a variety of animation software programs, and working under the general supervision of Senior Level.

    Primary Responsibilities
    Responsible for the successful animation of a series of shots on a specific project.
    Participates as a team member in determining various aesthetic solutions; provides feedback to other members of the production by attending dailies on a regular basis.
    Maintain or exceed a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.
    Performs other tasks related to the creation of computer-generated animation.
    Occasionally may be required to perform hands-on shot work on show and provide reference performances including motion capture performances as part of assigned shot work and to assist the animation team.

    Education / Experience
    At least 3 years of relevant professional VFX experience and Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Traditional Animation.
    At least 3 years of experience working in computer animation.
    Proven track record of delivering high end VFX across a range of episodic television genres.

    Required Skills / Competencies
    Expert understanding of traditional animation principles, acting, film production and compositional design
    Strong understanding of the pace and production process of episodic television
    Ability to take on a delegated task with a minimum of supervision.
    Good organization and communication skills
    A demo reel demonstrating a strong understanding of Animation principles and artistic ability is required
    Expert knowledge of Maya.

  • Compositing Supervisor
    Barcelona, Spain • {{setTimeRemaining('Tuesday, 30 March 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    We are seeking a Compositing Supervisor to join the team and be a part of this exciting opportunity at Lamppost.
    / {{times.month}}

    Location in our Barcelona studio. Long term.

    Duties & responsibilities
    Working in collaboration with the Visual Effects Supervisor to evaluate the creative and technical approach to assigned shots.  
    Giving briefs and direction to the team with the aid of the VFX Supervisors in order to ensure the appropriate execution of shots. 
    Integrating 2D, 3D and live action elements to high-end visual effects tv/film standard  
    Ongoing communication with Production and the team regarding schedules and deadlines 
    Taking responsibility for the teams workload, time management and notes/feedback actions required by Supervisors 
    Balancing the creative and technical aspects of each shot 
    Assumes Compositing project/show responsibilities as required.
    Responsible for all aspects of 2D compositing.
    Composite shots utilising Nuke software. Is able to perform all tasks necessary to complete a shot; including matte extraction, painting, roto, 2D motion, compositing. Working with a good knowledge of colour space principles
    Training and mentoring of more junior artists 
    Take a lead role in effect design to take advantage of software capabilities.
    Responsible for fostering a team environment.
    Assists the department manager with the employee review process and the scheduling of personnel on shows, providing input on skills, productivity, and career development.
    Acts as a point person between Production and Compositing crews, providing timely, clear communication.
    Assemble crew for production, assess individuals skills and delegate work appropriately.
    Responsible for problem solving and communicating issues organisationally, logistically and technically.

    Education / Experience
    5+ years of Compositing experience
    2 years of experience in a Lead role

    Essential Skills:
    An excellent working knowledge of and production experience with Nuke
    Experience in a similar position within Episodic or film VFX
    Previous experience leading or mentoring a team
    Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills
    A pro-active and collaborative work ethic
    A strong eye for detail, composition, colour and lighting
    The ability to multitask, prioritise and problem solve
    An understanding of colour space principles
    A working knowledge of the overall VFX pipeline

    Desirable Skills
    Knowledge of practical lighting for photography
    Experience in dealing and communicating with clients
    Programming and coding experience and knowledge
    Experience working on episodic/long form projects.
    On-set experience.
  • CG Supervisor / CG Lead
    Barcelona, Spain • {{setTimeRemaining('Wednesday, 31 March 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    We are seeking a CG Supervisor to join the team and be a part of this exciting opportunity at Lamppost.
    / {{times.month}}

    Location in our Barcelona studio. Long term.

    The CG Supervisor will work in partnership with the VFX Supervisor to ensure the creative and technical visions of our clients are realised. The CG Supervisor will familiarise themselves with all aspects of the show, the capabilities of Lamppost’s existing tools and capabilities of the team to assess what will be required to deliver exceptional quality work for our clients.
    They will work with the VFX Supervisor and Producer to assess all needs during the pre-production schedule and ensure that they have the appropriate staff and workflow capabilities to get the job done.

    Duties & responsibilities

    Manage the techniques used to generate and edit CG elements from asset creation to final composition.
    Work with Production to determine what information may be required from clients to ensure a smooth show setup and execution.
    Determines technical approaches needed to achieve desired look and behaviours of the production's assets within agreed technical pipeline.
    Act as the primary technical leadership on the project. Serves as key technical expert on productions
    Work with R&D and Production to define future direction of technology development at Lamppost.
    Work with pipeline to write, edit, install, and maintain show-specific configuration files and scripts. (Outputs configuration - dailies, videouts, color pipeline etc.)
    Identifies, defines, prioritises and oversees the implementation of tools that automate production tasks.
    Set up Workflow Templates (WFTs) at the show level.
    Provide references, recommendations or technical solutions for effective task completion.
    Review scope of work and assign tasks based on artist skills/abilities.
    Utilise effective communication skills to receive client notes and deliver instructions/feedback to the VFX Supervisor and artists.
    Assist the team in debugging problematic shots and assist in optimising shots for efficiency.
    Evaluate artist workflow with an eye on improving productivity and automating processes.
    Deliver final shots that are creatively and technically excellent.
    Be actively involved in mentoring juniors throughout productions.
    Builds consensus among technology, creative and production management to create efficiencies.

    Education / Experience

    A minimum of 5 years CG experience in high-end film
    2 years of experience as a Supervisor
    Is a proven leader in setting direction for a production and for inspiring and motivating production staff
    Demonstrated experience teaching/mentoring co-workers and assume leadership role

    Skills and abilities

    Technical skills

    Strong ability in defining a cg strategy for a show considering team and time at disposal.
    Ability to lead and coach your various department leads about said cg technique and approach.
    Expert knowledge of Vray or of a similar physically-based renderer.
    Proven experience with Maya and Nuke and knowledge of Houdini.
    Knowledge of advanced 3D modelling, rendering, animation, texturing, lighting, shading, effects and rigging 
    Experience with programming/scripting languages (such as python, etc.) is a plus
    Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
    Excellent eye for detail for quality control

    Core skills

    Strong leadership skills. Both in spoken and written form
    Ability to interface with Production staff about scheduling or resources challenges
    Capable of managing a full team of artists and technologists; setting high expectations, and encouraging and supporting the staff when in needs
    Ability to assess Lamppost resources and talent pool to ensure workflow can be completed
    Excellent time management and communication skills
    Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture
  • CG generalist
    Barcelona, Spain • {{setTimeRemaining('Wednesday, 31 March 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    We are seeking a CG generalist to join our team.
    / {{times.month}}

    Job open only to candidates with a valid European work visa. Location in our Barcelona studio. Mid term.

    August to October 2021.

    The Generalist demonstrates a strong base of knowledge in 3D Computer Generated Imagery Creation. Successful candidates will display a high degree of proficiency across multiple areas including: modelling, lighting, texturing, shading/look development, FX, animation and rendering.

    Primary Responsibilities
    Uses artistic and technical skills to work on all aspects of CG shots such as modeling, shading, texturing, lighting, FX and rendering.
    Creating models, textures and photo-realistic digital assets.
    Lighting and scene assembly for other shots or assets as required, including characters and animation
    Work in conjunction with VFX and CG Supervisor to develop the look and feel of the shot
    Communicate with production on a regular basis and provide aesthetic feedback when required.

    Education / Experience
    High level knowledge across multiple CG techniques including but not limited to: animation, FX, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, shading
    Minimum two years VFX pipeline experience having worked on at least one feature-film or TV Series

    Required Skills / Competencies
    Working knowledge of Maya, Vray, Substance Painter.
    Knowledge of Photogrammetry process is a plus.
    Be comfortable with both the creative and technical aspects of CG work.
    Excellent attention to detail
    Strong communication skills
    Ability to work under pressure and to strict deadlines whilst maintaining a high quality output.

    Preferred Skills / Competencies
    Programming or scripting skills (e.g. mel, python)
    Traditional arts background
    Comfortable with a wide range of software used to create high quality digital assets.
  • Open Application
    Barcelona / Remote • {{setTimeRemaining('Monday, 22 February 2021')}} {{remaining}}
    Although we do not have positions open at all times we are happy to keep your contact information for future reference.
    / {{times.month}}

    We are always interested in hearing from talented people in all professional fields and although. So if you feel you can contribute with knowledge that will blow our mind, please do not hesitate to send us your application.